JENNERS FURNITURE - Poor Customer Service

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After being released from ICU for Back Injury... I phoned Jenners for a LIFT Chair.... Deal was conducted by phone, considering I was unable to travel. This was a Lazy Boy Floor Model - for $1117.00 !! -- sign unseen. The sales agent assured me that it would FIT my body - 5' 7". Which it DID NOT !!

#1 Chair was delivered next day --- Controller was broken ... The following day they delivered a new controller.

Chair seat is uncomfortable - feels like I'm sitting in hole.. and the back does not fit my body ! My feet HANG off the footrest area.

After approx. 2 weeks of trying to get used to the feel of this miserable chair,... I called the Co.... explained the problem... and requested to return the chair and replace with another brand.

#2 - Called again ... since the "office manager" had not returned my call, as promised .... and was told that "since the chair had been in my home for approx. 2 wks,... they could not take it back,... as they do not have a Retail License for USED furniture --- and would have to DONATE it, .... could not sell it ??

Pretty sleezy way of doing business. !!!!

I cannot recommend ANY Lazy Boy Products.... . They're poorly constructed .. and of inferior quality, besides being HIGHLY over rated and priced !!!

Do NOT deal with JENNER'S FURNITURE, Fort Mohave, AZ

They could care LESS about customers' satisfaction AFTER the sale . Once you Pay ... you're screwed !!!

Bonnie Bashor, Laughlin, NV

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